Subject RC1 and GBAK
Author didiergm
Hello all,

I have 2 machines : 1 W2K and 1 W98 I wanted to backup/restore a
small development db from the W2K to the W98 and I fail because the
restore complains about a entry violating in RDB$INDEX_11 which is an

I have check the data & cannot see any offending entry (I obnly have
15 or so rows in that table)

I saw from some posts earlier that GBAK could be the culprit and the
advice was to download a 'fresher' GBAK. I unfortunatly cannot find
any build newer than RC1, only source code which I cannot build
myself (lack of tools/knowledger and time).

Any pointers on whether or not there are newer builds (and where
there are located) or if I can try and use Beta2 gbak ?

Thanks in advance