Subject Re: [ib-support] Network performance
Author Helen Borrie
At 03:39 PM 12-12-01 +1000, you wrote:

>It's definitely TCP/IP
>> But provide some details: Hardware & OS environment, SQL statement, index
>details, connection string used, etc.
>Hardware: Win 98 server and client.
>No indexes except on primary key in either database.

Sorry to labour this - are you saying that you have placed an index on the same column as the primary key?

Would you please also show the query; and describe the client from which you are attempting to run it.

>The Access connection string was
>Source=D:\Projects\Firebird\FMS.MDB;Persist Security Info=False

Umm...I mean the TCP/IP connection string to the firebird database...

>> It would also be pertinent to know what network protocols are running on your
>network and which ones are enabled in the client's protocol stack...
>That's too technical for me. If it's important after all this, tell me how to
>feret it out.

Yes, it's important. There are probably three network protocols installed by default on your Win 98 machines - NetBeui (called Window Networking), TCP/IP and IPX/SX. Unless you actually need IPX/SX (e.g. for Novell or for Quake) on the network, you should remove it. If NetBEUI is there, it should be moved so that it is below TCP/IP in the Protocol list (Networking applet in your Control Panel). If you are not using Windows Networking, you could remove it as well.

The premise is still that, if the query was fast when connecting locally, then it should be faster when connecting remotely by TCP/IP, as long as there is not something happening in the network (noise, bad configuration) to block things up.

But it's really hard to offer solutions to problems that aren't well defined...


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