Subject Re: [ib-support] Work with dynamic IP address?
Author Doug Chamberlin
I assume you are using TCP/IP and not NETBEUI, right? All the advice about
computer names will do you no good unless there is a DNS server which will
translate them into the appropriate IP address. They may not have this setup.

There are two common ways of using a cable modem. The first is to connect
it to a router which performs NAT, such as the LinkSys BEF41. Here the
router is then connected to the internal LAN switch or hub. All the LAN
machines use the router as a gateway to the WAN. The LAN machines may or
may not use dynamic IP addresses. If they do, then often it is the router
which also acts as a DHCP server.

The second is to connect the cable modem directly to the LAN switch or hub.
All the other LAN machines still use it as a gateway. Because there is no
router between them and the WAN, if they want dynamic IP addresses the WAN
ISP must provide DHCP services for all the LAN machines.

If the first setup is used the easiest thing is to give only the FB server
a static IP address. All the other LAN machines access the FB server using
BDE aliases which use that IP address. The IP addresses of the LAN machines
themselves can be anything, so you can change them back to using dynamic IP

If the second setup is used, AND the FB server gets its IP address
dynamically, then you need to determine its host name as designated by the
DNS server which the WAN ISP is running. This is often based on the MAC
address of the NIC card in the FB server. Since the ISP is using the host
name of that machine to assign it an IP address, you can use the same name
in your BDE alias. the DNS server will then resolve it to the assigned IP
address for you.

If the second setup is used but the FB server does NOT need get a dynamic
IP address, then give it a local, static one and finish up just like the
first setup.

Things get a little more complicated if FB must be accessible from the WAN.
If that is true then the specific setup they are using also makes a difference.

Hope this helps!