Subject Re: [ib-support] Work with dynamic IP address?
Author Artur Anjos
It's not so simple... You can have a problem each time the provider changes
the address. And you must have a DNS entry fo ryour server, so the clients
will never know that address. (I'm a little tired today to explain all of
this, but this is a subject that I'm really 'in').

I need more info to help you out on this. Please tell me the OS of the
Server, and the way clients pick up that IP addresses (static or DHCP), to
let me point out some solutions.

Just to send you a small and easy way to acomplish this: if you don't want
to access the server from the internet, just for local users, put another
network card on the server. Assign that card that static address, and
reconfigure the network to use that address. Reconfigure the server to allow
IP forward (it is doing this rigth now). You don't cara about security? Did
you change the SYSDBA password? If not, anyone with IBConsole and
'masterkey' could have access to your DB (of course, they have to know the
directory and the name of your DB).

Feel free to mail me directly. This is not an IB related issue, but a
network issue.

Artur Anjos

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> Use the server name instead of its IP address. The name will get
> to the
> IP used by your server.
> Salim