Subject Work with dynamic IP address?
Author Joe Martinez
I have a customer who just set up their LAN and then FB with my
application to run over the LAN. My app uses BDE w/ SQL LInks.

I had them set everything up, and had them check the server to find out
it's IP address. They found that it was set to "Obtain IP Address
Automatically". I told them that their machines needed a static IP
address for IB to communicate, so I had them set up their IP addresses
in the 192.168.0.x range, and subnet masks so that everything would
work. Now, IB and my app work fine over the network.

A couple hours later, they call me back and say that since they changed
to static IP addresses, they can't access the internet. It turns out
that they have a cable modem connection, which goes into their router.
I'm guessing that the cable modem setup (or thier ISP) was determining
their IP address, and so with us setting it to an internal static
address, that's what made it stop working. I don't know much about
cable modems.

Is there a way to make IB work over a TCP/IP network with dynamic IP
addresses? How would I set up my connection string?