Subject RE: [ib-support] Work with dynamic IP address?
Author Kaputnik
for dynamic IP-Adresses in a WAN, you can very compfortably the services on
There, you can get a dns-entry for cable-connected computers or similar
things. A small downloadable utility will check whether the IP-Adress
changed (e.g. after a disconnect enforced after 24h at most ISP'S) and will
register the new adress at the DNS-Servers. Works like a charm,
is reliable (because of redundant servers all over the world) and free,
although they are very happy about donations.
For work in a lan, use the internal machine-names. I think I somewhere read
that using server-names is the preferred way for IB/FB to go over the
IP-Adress, but I've forgotten the reasons. This will work perfectly for
intranets (we use it at our DHCP-Site without problems with a b-class LAN
with dynamic local adresses connected to the outside through proxies and


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> Subject: [ib-support] Work with dynamic IP address?
> I have a customer who just set up their LAN and then FB with my
> application to run over the LAN. My app uses BDE w/ SQL LInks.
> I had them set everything up, and had them check the server to find out
> it's IP address. They found that it was set to "Obtain IP Address
> Automatically". I told them that their machines needed a static IP
> address for IB to communicate, so I had them set up their IP addresses
> in the 192.168.0.x range, and subnet masks so that everything would
> work. Now, IB and my app work fine over the network.
> A couple hours later, they call me back and say that since they changed
> to static IP addresses, they can't access the internet. It turns out
> that they have a cable modem connection, which goes into their router.
> I'm guessing that the cable modem setup (or thier ISP) was determining
> their IP address, and so with us setting it to an internal static
> address, that's what made it stop working. I don't know much about
> cable modems.
> Is there a way to make IB work over a TCP/IP network with dynamic IP
> addresses? How would I set up my connection string?
> Thanks,
> Joe