Subject Re: [ib-support] Installing Firebird an NT service using InnoSetup?
Author Claudio Valderrama C.
"Brad Pepers" <brad@...> wrote in message
> I think the guardian program is only on Windows 9x systems and isn't used
> the NT line.

The guardian runs as a service under NT. I have no idea why instsvc doesn't
install it, too, but someone noticed in our early betas that FB didn't put a
GuardianOptions key in the registry. I thought a person named Marcel was
rebuilding with Delphi the GUI program that's called IB Services Manager in

> Doesn't the service code on Windows NT restart the service if
> it dies for some reason?

Only in W2K and XP, not before.

> - install a gds_db line in the C:\Windows\Services file

That's the location for Win95 at least.

> - install a gds_db line in the C:\Windows\system32\drivers\etc\services
> file

That's the location for NT and I think W2k and XP preserve it.

> Just as important is how to uninstall properly. I'm just figuring this
> right now. At least on the Win9X side of things, I've got to figure out
> to tell the ibguard.exe to stop running otherwise you get an error about a
> file in use. And all the registry and service stuff has to be removed.

In NT there are fours cases, since the engine may be running as an
application (what I use for myself on NT4), the guardian may be running as
an application, the engine may be running as a service or the guardian may
be running as a service. Of course, under typical circumstances, the
guardian running means the engine is running, too. To stop a service from
the command-line, you use the
NET STOP "service name"
command and you probably already know how to stop the engine or the guardian
running as applications.

If you don't like NET STOP, you can call the NT API for Services or may use
the WMI (Windows Management Instrumentation). If WMI can control and query
the IIS, it can query and control any service:
and click on "Services".

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