Subject Re: [ib-support] Installing Firebird an NT service using InnoSetup?
Author Brad Pepers
On Friday 07 December 2001 12:50 pm, Theo Bebekis wrote:
> Hi all
> Is that possible?
> What are the required steps?

I'm just trying to figure out all this for myself too so lets see if we can
nail it down.

> I use the document
> InterBase Installation & Deployment Options
> by David R. Robinson - Sage U.S. Holdings, Inc
> which states that
> instsvc install "%INTERBASE%" -auto

I think this is right. Actually at install time I think you need to also run
"instsvc start" to get the service running.

> installs ibserver.exe as an NT service but
> the instsvc program does not install the InterBase Guardian
> as an NT Service too.

I think the guardian program is only on Windows 9x systems and isn't used on
the NT line. Doesn't the service code on Windows NT restart the service if
it dies for some reason?

Here is the installation information I have figured out so far:

1. Common Installation:

- install registry entries using "instreg.exe"

2. Windows 95/98/ME (SYSINFO.WIN9X.bWin9X set in InstallShield):

- install a registry entry in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\
Windows\CurrentVersion\Run with a key of "Interbase Guardian" and
a data of "<installdir>\bin\ibguard.exe" where <installdir> is the
directory Firebird was installed in (C:\Program Files\Firebird by
default but the user can change during install)

- install a gds_db line in the C:\Windows\Services file

- manually run <installdir>\bin\ibguard.exe to get things started

3. Windows NT/2000/XP (SYSINFO.WINNT.bWinNT set in InstallShield):

- run "<installdir>\bin\instsvc.exe install <installdir> -auto"

- run "<installdir>\bin\instsvc.exe start" to get it started

- install a gds_db line in the C:\Windows\system32\drivers\etc\services

Does everyone agree that this is all thats needed for a Firebird installation
on the full line of Windows systems? I'm not sure about the location of the
services file in all cases but the above is where its at in Windows 98/ME and
XP which I've tested with.

Just as important is how to uninstall properly. I'm just figuring this out
right now. At least on the Win9X side of things, I've got to figure out how
to tell the ibguard.exe to stop running otherwise you get an error about a
file in use. And all the registry and service stuff has to be removed.

Any pointers from others designing install/uninstall scripts for Firebird
would be handy!

Brad Pepers