Subject Re: [ib-support] Re: Please remove the ambiguity check
Author Ian Newby
Hi all,
I feel I must comment on this, as I believe I am the person who
brought the ambiguous queries to the attention of Firebird. I found out
that the same query using Interbase 6 Beta on Linux behaved differently
when run on Firebird 0.94 on Windows.

Due to the the nature of the problem and the fact that the same query
can return different results when run on different versions of the
database I don't believe its acceptable to allow this situation to
occur. Just imagine the support problems you will have to go through
with your customers when you upgrade their database and find that all
their reports return the wrong results!!!

To me, it is much more acceptable to be warned that the query is
ambiguous that to return incorrect data. Anyway, if you control the
report engine, you could fix the ambiguity as soon as it is found.

I would like to commend all the Firebird team (in partivular Claudio
who seems to fix all the bugs I find!!) on a sterling effort on a
wonderful database.

Ian Newby.