Subject RC1 Error
Author Bill Morrison
Greets All,

With RC1 on NT4 (forced writes on) I have run into the following problem :

After inserting ~190 gigs of data into a database (spread across three
drives), I now receive this error when I try to connect to it :

I/O error for file "F:\NAVCO\DB\NAVCO02.GDB"
Error while trying to read from file
Insufficient system resources exist to complete the requested service.

This started occuring after the ibserver process suddenly locked up (using
100% of CPU), forcing a reboot.

The application is a test application that continuously stuffs the database
with records (each of which has one or more blobs of approximately 15kb of
size), commiting every 50 records inserted.

Any information on what I can do to regain control of the database would be
greatly appreciated.


Bill Morrison