Subject Re: [ib-support] Error Message 335544358
Author Ann W. Harrison
>""C Fraser"" <Colin.Fraser@...> wrote in message
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> > ISC ERROR MESSAGE:message length error (encountered 0, expected 8)
> >
> > It happens on the second time I try and save an object from code (using
> > IBO)...

At 03:28 AM 11/17/2001 -0400, Claudio Valderrama C. wrote:

>It's very low level. A message has a member called format. This format has a
>length. When the length is different than the expected one, you get this
>error. I can't imagine how DSQL can cause this problem, unless you are
>playing with BLR directly. Or maybe a mismatch in a procedure's parameter?

Three weeks later, but here goes. First, the problem is solved in
firebird. Second, the problem (for those who have forgotten) is that
running two prepared singleton statements that return values - and
running them alternately - produced this obscure message. The most
common way to produce the error was with prepared stored procedures.

I'm coming back to this because there are messages and messages. The
message that comes to mind first is the error message or messages that
show up in the error log. This is a different type of message. DSQL
communicates with the engine through the original InterBase API which
used messages rather than an SQLDA. The bug was that DSQL thought it
could be clever and reuse a message, without noticing that it had an
entirely different query.