Subject Re: [ib-support] Error Message 335544358
Author Ann W. Harrison
I wrote:
> > My questions, both to Colin and to Jason are these: are you
> > saving more than one type of object? Does IBO save and reuse
> > the prepared statement? If so, I think I know what the bug is
> > and the work around is to reprepare the statement.

At 01:49 PM 11/23/2001 -0700, Jason Wharton wrote:
>That is exactly right.
>There was a thread by Karsten Strobel on the IB ng's where he
>actually was pointing at a place in the source tripping things up.

Right. It's an interesting problem and one we will go back to. At
some point, we should save prepared queries. Web applications are
notoriously repetitive, so the time & space spent saving and reusing
queries should return significant benefits. At the moment, we don't
keep enough context to recognize that two statements are identical.
That's the real source of the problem. A simpler change seemed
appropriate for FB1 and it is in place.

>I've found that you have to have a combination of statements prepared
>and in use to trip it up.

Right. It doesn't happen with multi-valued selects or unprepared
queries. The combination is prepare/execute or prepare/execute2.


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