Subject On and Off topic
Author Helen Borrie
Hi all,

In case some of you are unaware of it, we have two lists for discussing future features.

IB-Priorities is the place where end-users can raise "I would love it if Firebird/InterBase could do...." and open a discussion about whether it's good, bad or indifferent, how it might be implemented (as viewed from outside the engine) and so on. In the past, the Firebird wish-list has grown out of postings here.
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IB-Architect is (generally) a bit more rarefied and tosses around possible architectural changes or additions in a more theoretical sense. It's generally more concerned with abstract engine and interface design under the hood than with matters like how (or whether) a language feature is implemented.
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Needless to say, these discussions sometimes overlap.

We've had a few recent threads that got right off-topic from the purpose of ib-support and rather drowned the serious calls for help. Let's try to avoid that and keep ib-support clear for support.

regards all,

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