Subject Re: [ib-support] Win2000 with IB: error message, followsthedatabase to another system
> Apart from that, it all seems very simple. <g> But there's nothing to say it's going to fix your problem with a Dr Watson on Win2K pro. It's the first report I've heard of 5.x having this sort of trouble with Win2K...

I would add that although the database may be working in the
older system, have you tried a 'clean' backup on the old
system and restored on the new system, or just copied the

Back in the days when I was trying to get IB5 to even work,
there were a number of occasions where I ended up pumping
data from one machine to another to clear unexplainable
niggles. 5.1 SERVER needs replacing, but leave all clients
with the V5.1 gds32.dll as Helen said. In order to do it I
would strongly recomend installing 5.6 on a second machine
and pumping the data from the first machine to a blank copy
of the database built from the metadata. ( IBO's Datapump
works well from and to IB5 and will also identify any
problem records in the move )

Lester Caine
L.S.Caine Electronic Services