Subject Re: [ib-support] extremely long register and connection times
Author Claudio Valderrama C.
"Christian G├╝tter" <cguetter@...> wrote in message
> Stan,
> I think Tilo is right.
> Give it a try with a fresh installation.
> I have just installed a fresh installation of WinXP to examine
> your issue and - you won't believe it - there were no connection
> delays.
> I have just installed XP for this purpose - and I have connected
> several DBs.

Anyway, since there're a lot of GDBs already, it would be nice if Borland
shouts so MS will consider removing GDB by default from the "protected" (or
spoiled) monitored file extensions. Isc4.gdb cannot be changed without
recompiling the engine. Maybe we should use the same extension than MsSql v7
and v2k use for the databases. And a lot of small single-user systems
relying on IB/FB may be installed on Me, causing the same question to go
over and over.

Perhaps there's a hidden performance improvement when using MDF and LDF, the
extensions used by MsSql. <g>

Also, there may be some difference between IB and FB when doing network
connections. I ignore if the thing is measurable, but Oliver Mascia wrote
that emulating Winsock v1 in XP was calling for bad performance, so I
adjusted FB to use Winsock v2 instead.

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