Subject extremely long register and connection times
Author Stan Eisenberg
Hello everyone,

I've been happily using Interbase 6 Open in Win2K and just migrated over to
WinXP Pro. Now I'm having to deal with a long wait time when registering,
logging in to, and connecting databases of about 20-30 seconds.

In Win2k, this was an instantaneous process... I've tried everything that I
can think of and have run out of ideas... any help would be greatly

Please mind my long windiness as I'd like to provide as many details as
possible as this problem is probably affecting many other people.

Here is how the problem occurs...

1. start IBConsole
2. right click to register a database
3. select 'local' and use standard sysdba/masterkey uname/pass combo
4. hit 'ok'
5. WAIT 20-30 seconds
6. 'Local Server' appears
7. click 'login'
8. type uname/pass combo
9. WAIT 20-30 seconds
10. login completes

Once registration is complete, it still always takes 20-30 sec to log in

Here is what I've tried...

1. removed .gdb protection from filelist.xml
2. completely disablled system restore on all drives
3. ensured that localhost is in hosts
4. put computer name in hosts
5. put computer name in lmhosts
6. tried connecting locally and remotely
- both always work, but I have to wait 20-30 sec still
7. ran Diagnose Connections to a pre-made datebase
- test passed, but only after 20-30 sec wait
8. rename .gdb to .lalala
- still worked, but only after 20-30 sec wait
9. monitored CPU & RAM usage during process
- little RAM use, less than 5% avg CPU, no significant hdd access
10. upgraded from IB 6.0.1 to, still no difference
11. ran IB as a service and as an app with no difference
12. Tried connecting from a java program (bypassing IBConsole)... no

At this point, I'm completely out of ideas. Can anyone give me any pointers
on how to get it to perform flawlessly like it did in Win2k?

Thanks in advance for your help.


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