Subject Re: [ib-support] extremely long register and connection times
Author Helen Borrie
Your problem is caused by a delightful new feature in XP (and ME also) called System Restore that targets files with a ".gdb" suffix. For details of the problem and suggestions of workarounds, see page 16 of the Firebird RC 1 release notes which you can download from this URL:


At 06:58 PM 14-11-01 -0500, Stan Eisenberg wrote:
>Hello everyone,
>I've been happily using Interbase 6 Open in Win2K and just migrated over to
>WinXP Pro. Now I'm having to deal with a long wait time when registering,
>logging in to, and connecting databases of about 20-30 seconds.
>In Win2k, this was an instantaneous process... I've tried everything that I
>can think of and have run out of ideas... any help would be greatly

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