Subject Re: [ib-support] [1] extremely long register and connection times
Author Helen Borrie
Stan Eisenberg wrote:

Please don't kill me, but... did someone tried the Microsoft Support for the

This and the following email from Jan Henrik Sylvester were contributed when we were trying to research this:

filelist.xml is the file in Windows XP. I don't know where it's located, but
MS says modifications are not supported. AFAIR SFP itself copies the file
back if "currupted".

The problem with Windows XP is not as big as with Windows ME, since XP only
copies the file once after each restore point (usually once a day) and not
after each modification as ME does. Anyhow, for larger dbs, this is not
acceptable, either.

IMHO, the main issue is: XP Pro will replace 2000 Pro (and NT workstation).
It is much more likely to be use as a database server than ME. Thus
considering an extension that is not in filelist.xml might be the only way
not to have many more complaints in near future.

Windows Net [Advanced] Server will not include SFP, but since XP Pro works
well as a small db server it will be used quite often. For any more
information on SFP in XP you can refer to

Jan Henrik Sylvester <me@...>

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