Subject invalid file handle error

I have the following problem: I tried to change the forced write to
enable for a database. I was using IBConsole to do this. After
pressing the Ok-Button I got a message "error writing data from
connection". When I tried next time to access the database properties
I always get an "invalid file handle" error. With IBConsole I can
still connect to the database and also retrieving some datas but not
accessing the property page. With IB_SQL I can't connect anymore - I
get always the "invalid file handle error"

I was using Firebird RC1 on windows 2000 with access over TCP/IP (to
the local computer). The database is a dialect 3 database created by
Interbase 6.01 one. I was not restoring the database before using
Firebird RC1.

I tried to change the forced write settings with IBConsole and
Firebird 1.0 Beta 2 Build 448. Then I got a "error reading data from
connection" while doing. But afterwards I didn't have the "invalid
file handle" error. Also the changings seem to be done. So it seems to
work with that version but still giving a bit strange error message.

Anyone having a clue for the reason of it? Is it an error?

Daniel Achermann