Subject Re: [ib-support] invalid file handle error
Author Paul Reeves
In the past it has been possible to cause database corruption because a
Win32-based server saw a local connection to a database as a different
database to a remote connection. This only occurred with some particularly
mal-formed connection strings, but it did happen. When it did the server would
get confused as to who had locks on what data. Obviously not good.

That is the background. The simplest fix to this is for the server to open a
database file as not shared. This breaks some existing functionality and that,
I believe, is the behaviour you are seeing.

I would also guess that IBConsole thinks the server is pre-InterBase 6.0.
Because of this it is trying to use the command-line tools to do some
operations that should otherwise be carried out by the services api. But I am
just guessing on the latter. I don't have a copy of IBConsole available to
check against.


Paul Reeves
taking InterBase further