Subject Re: [ib-support] W2k Lost Network
Author Woody
>>No version. It was fixed in Firebird.

>Thanks Helen. Are you watching, Woody? :>)

OK, Peter, I'm watching you. <g>

>> And IBObjects will reject a connection path with the backslash after the
>> drive designator missing.

>Then I take it that this condition is what I have to avoid. And Woody, with
>the apparent demise of the IBX list, should we also be switching to ....?

What demise? I haven't seen any slow down on the IBX list. At present, I
plan to continue using IBX and help develop it further, if I can.

>>It happens to have one useful purpose of providing a tcp/ip client
>>connection to an ibserver running on the same machine without the risks
>>and limitations associated with making a physical local connection.

>Sorry Helen, don't hesitate to tell me to get lost. But now I know what the
>risks are, I'm intrigued by your reference to 'limitations'.

Me too. I haven't found anything I can't do in local mode that I can do
through IP. Except of course having multiple connections which might cause
the kinds of problems regarding IB thinking it's looking at different
databases for multiple connections.