Subject W2k Lost Network
A little OT, but my excuse is that only Firebird apps are
running <g>

My systems have remote sites all running a 'local' copy of
Firebird so that when the network goes away they can carry
on. It works fine with both W98SE or NT4SP6a, and can be
tested simply by pulling the network cable. When replaced
everthing just picks up again and the same happens in the
field on Frame Relay or dedicated ( but not reliable )

White the increasing unavailability of either versions of
Windows I am being pressed to check out W2k despite the fact
that we have yet to get it stable for 24/7 operation.

The first problem I have identified is the fact that W2k
shuts down ALL network activity if it detects a fault on the
network connection. That is all local TCP/IP also becomes
unavailable, so we lose the connection to the local copy of
the database.

Has anybody else come across this problem ( which explains
why we can't get 24/7 operation on a British Telecom
network! ) and more important any solutions.

If not I can use it as another reason why we continue to use
NT4 legally in the field ( we have been buying W2k licences
but shipping NT4 <g> ) and another reason to push on with a
Linux replacement.

Lester Caine
L.S.Caine Electronic Services