Subject ANN: Updated Firebird Open/Closed Bugs/Feature Requests report
Author Leyne, Sean

I'd like to announce that the latest updates to the Open/Closed
Bugs/Feature Requests reports have been posted to the Firebird web site
(see URL below). The reports reflect the state of the SF bug tracker as
of Saturday evening.

These reports will be included with the RC1 release, due very very soon.

I will also be updating the reports more regularly as we work towards
the official v1.0 release. Heck, I made some changes to the bug
database on Sunday night, which are not reflected.

I want to thank Helen Borrie for her assistance in generating the HTML
output (I can be a very demanding 'client') and Pavel Cisar for posting
the items to the web site.

Sean Leyne

There is nothing wrong with Interbase,
that can't be fixed with Firebird.