Subject RE: [ib-support] W2k Lost Network
Author Martijn Tonies

I think there is a big difference between local and local via network.

"C:\data\test.gdb" is local, without using TCP/IP -> memory mapped files or

And I believe "localhost:C:\data\test.gdb" uses the network, even if no
network cable is attached.

Martijn Tonies
InterBase Workbench

> >this a completly other problem and I can reproduce it. I know you are
> >using IBO so you can solve your problem by using a "local" connection
> >string like "C:\data\test.gdb" instead of "W2K:C:\data\test.gdb". This
> >will ignore a broken network connection (I have proved it with W2KSP2).
> Yes but using local connection under windows isn't good...
> As Far As I can remember there was a bug ....
> in fact if you use local conneciton IB server does not write changes
> to the disk...
> and in case of power failure before that you close your connection
> may result in a loss of data.

I can gaurantee to produce a thread problem in gds32.dll on
the W98SE machines if I rely on the "local" connection, that
same fault exists on W2k and happens about twice as often as
the lost connection.

It does look as if the loopback adapter was loaded by
default in NT4 but not in W2k, but I am still playing there.

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