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>Subject: How do I know I'm running from Server
> > Is their a trick to getting a post to show up on the ibobjects news
>groups, like [IBO] around subject? Having problems getting posts to show there.

The newsgroups are just mirrors of the lists. You actually need to subscribe to the lists to be able to post to them. Then you can go in to the each list's home page and set your delivery options to "No Email" if you don't want to receive the list mail in your mailbox.

> > Anyway, here's my dumb question: I've got my app running using IBObjects,
> > tested locally, now ready to move to server. I installed Firebird on
> > Server, copied my database over, and changed IBODatabase.DatabaseName to
> > server location: \\Kelly\c:\projects\..., set protocol to TCPIP

For TCP/IP the server location needs to be a server name, e.g. Kelly. You need to set this up in the HOSTS file of each client...say the machine running ibserver has an IP address of, include a line like this in HOSTS: Kelly #Firebird server

You'll find the HOSTS file in the ..\Windows dir on Win9x/ME or in ..\winnt\system32\drivers\etc\ on NT/Win2k. If there is no HOSTS file just create one (plain text) or (on Win9x/ME) copy the file hosts.SAM and rename it to hosts.

The path to the database has to be the actual, physical path as seen on the server machine, e.g. c:\projects\OurDB.gdb

Then, for TCP/IP, each user has to connect to Kelly:c:\projects\OurDB

The \\Kelly.. path won't work for TCP/IP - it's for NetBEUI connection, which is not available if the host server isn't WinNT or Win2K.

>, or even
> > when I use\... It works fine.

That looks more like a TCP/IP connection string. :) Just make sure each client's hosts file has an entry for it.

> My question is, when I install on client's server, and make sure they have
>access to gds32.dll, it seems they are using it just as a peer-to-peer database, ie, not central server program, each is just running their own copy of gds32.dll.

Each user needs his/her own local copy of gds32.dll - that is the client communication layer. It has functions which IBO sends messages to and receives responses from. Only the server machine needs the full install with ibserver and ibguardian.


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