Subject Re: [ib-support] Fw: How do I know I'm running from Server
Author Ann W. Harrison
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> > Anyway, here's my dumb question: I've got my app running using IBObjects,
> > tested locally, now ready to move to server. I installed Firebird on
> > Server, copied my database over, and changed IBODatabase.DatabaseName to
> > server location: \\Kelly\c:\projects\..., set protocol to TCPIP, or even
> > when I use\... It works fine. My question is, when
> > install on client's server, and make sure they have access to gds32.dll,
> > seems they are using it just as a peer-to-peer database, ie, not central
> > server program, each is just running their own copy of gds32.dll.

gds32.dll is the client portion of the Firebird code. It handles certain
local functions (e.g. date conversions) and communicates with the server
which is a process called ibserver. Date operations (select, insert, update,
delete) are all handled by ibserver.

I'm sure that IBO offers something like the ISQL show version that will
print version information from each of the subsystems that are involved
in connecting from client program to database.


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