Subject Fw: How do I know I'm running from Server
Author Jason Wharton
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Jason Wharton
CPS - Mesa AZ

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Subject: How do I know I'm running from Server

> Is their a trick to getting a post to show up on the ibobjects news
> like [IBO] around subject? Having problems getting posts to show there.
> Anyway, here's my dumb question: I've got my app running using IBObjects,
> tested locally, now ready to move to server. I installed Firebird on
> Server, copied my database over, and changed IBODatabase.DatabaseName to
> server location: \\Kelly\c:\projects\..., set protocol to TCPIP, or even
> when I use\... It works fine. My question is, when
> install on client's server, and make sure they have access to gds32.dll,
> seems they are using it just as a peer-to-peer database, ie, not central
> server program, each is just running their own copy of gds32.dll.
> This may be a question for ibsupport, but hoped you could shed some light.