Subject Re: [ib-support] Re: VERY Slow Access Under Windows XP
Author Woody
From: "Leyne, Sean" <sleyne@...>
> Ya, the only saving grace is that Interbase/Firebird is not well known
> and accordingly not many people know that trick!

But that is changing rapidly. <g>

> The ability to define database/engine procedures has been noted as a
> feature request for Firebird.


> Additionally, the ability to define server-side database aliases has
> also been noted -- in fact I had started on an implementation but got
> side-tracked. Although, the general consensus was that the information
> regarding an alias should be secured/protected and only available to DBA
> personnel -- so it not likely that you'll see the ability to return the
> alias information to a general client (via SP) -- only to an admin
> "console".

I'm really more interested in executing some simple procedures. For
instance, right now, I save database path information in the INI files for
each workstation. This gives someone outside the server knowledge of the
location and as you know, knowledge can be a dangerous thing sometimes. <BG>
I'd really like to execute a stored procedure that I could pass a database
name and it would return the relative server path for my components to use.
I don't use aliases so that's not really a concern although it could just as
well be used for that if it is implemented anyway.