Subject Re: UPPER() function and ä, ü, ö...
Author Thomas Steinmaurer

as Luc already mentioned, you need the right collation for your
column. If your native language is german, than you might find a
document useful, I've written some months ago.

"Korrekter Zeichensatz für deutschsprachigen Raum einer IB/FB

Thomas Steinmaurer

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<fabrice.aeschbacher@k...> wrote:
> Hi,
> I use triggers to maintain some columns uppercase:
> new.last_name = upper( new.last_name );
> The problem is, some characters are not uppercased, particularly
> ä, ü, ö. For example:
> müller => MüLLER (sould be: MÜLLER)
> I have already tried with character sets NONE, ISO8859_1 or
> without success.
> Has anyone an idea how to solve this?
> (Firebird 1.0.0Beta2 / windows)
> Regards,
> Fabrice
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