Subject Re: [ib-support] ISC Error Destination HOST not reachable
Author Claudio Valderrama C.
<peter_kysela@...> wrote in message news:9ru029+9tbm@......
> Problem: IB Server 6.01 is running on RedHat 7.0
> No problems occurr till we had to change the IP Numbers of the
> machines.
> IP Number of Server was changed to from
> All IP Addresses of clients were also changed and suddenly it wasn't
> possible anymore to connect to the server.
> A ping is possible.
> Samba is installed on the Server, and the server is reachable.
> Only a connection to the IB Server was rejected by Host
> I tried both the Hostname and the new IP Address.

10.* is one of those IP segments that are private, IE, unreachable from the
net and only seen inside an organization, right?

> On the local console of the RedHad Machine the connect to the
> database is possible without problems.
> I checked everything recommended in the White Paper "How to diagnose
> connection Rejected and Connection Refused Errors.

What happens if you use telnet to connect to port 3050/tcp on the server?

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