Subject Re: [ib-support] Security Problem
Author Daniel Rail

Ann does bring up a good point and she's right. If you really don't want
someone that is not authorized to look at the data, then encrypt the
data. It would usually take some time before someone finds out what type
of encryption that you used and what would be the encryption
sequence. This is a good practice for sensitive data no matter what the
database server/engine that is being used, because most of the database
servers/engines are still hackable.

Daniel Rail
Senior System Engineer
ACCRA Med Software Inc. (

At 03/11/2001 10:02 AM, you wrote:
>Thanks for the advice, but now have one more problem.Ok the sysdba don't
>acess my database, but Sysdba can change the password and user that I made
>and then acess with this.
>My question is can I change the privileges of the Sysdba to add, delete
>and modify user?
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