Subject Re: [ib-support] Security Problem
Author Ann W. Harrison
Fred wrote,

>Thanks for the advice, but now have one more problem.Ok the sysdba don't
>acess my database, but Sysdba can change the password and user that I made
>and then acess with this.
>My question is can I change the privileges of the Sysdba to add, delete
>and modify user

You could modify your copy of ISC4.gdb but that won't keep someone from
changing to a new copy of that database and reacquiring SYSDBA privileges.

The problem you pose is hard. You're trying to protect data that is not
under your physical control. Yes, InterBase's authentication is making
the problem worse, but not all that much worse. Remember that the code
is available. Someone could build a version that bypasses authentication
entirely. Even if the code were not available, a clever person could
reverse engineer the page structure and read your data.

Generally, the problem of securing data that is distributed is handled
with licenses - for better or for worse.


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