Subject RE: Compression
>The time savings you are seeing is not the result of data compression
>but rather the fact that the dataset is being built/collected locally
>and then sent over the wire.
>Thus, the normal row read/fetch exchange/conversation between the client
>and the server is occuring on the proxy server (ie. on the local
>network) without the normal delay of WAN/Internet based conversation.
>The same performance benefit will be seeing using any application server
>based solution, whether data compression is actually employed.

I shouldn't have called it a proxy, because there is no database
logic in it. It simple forwards the calls from the client to the
server and back, compressing the data. We tested without using the compresion algorithm and we then got a overall time of 47 seconds.

Normal connection 45 seconds
Compressed FBProxy 15 seconds
Uncompressed FBProxy 47 seconds

However, it must be said that you will not get this kind of results
if you have a fast network. And a slow server doesn't help:)

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