Subject ibase_fetch_* - Functions
Author Bernhard Döbler

I again have a PHP Problem. I copied a (working) script to another (production) server in the same domain so I expected it to run without problems. Sadly it does not.
I connect do the Database and query it. No problem.
I for the first time call either ibase_fetch_object() or ibase_fetch_row(). Also no problem. But when I for the second time call either function the system hangs.
So my question is how Interbase processes a query (it's result)? Is the complete result (recordset) transmited to the client hence the problem is the server I copied the script to, or is is the resultset stored on the server and there are somehow problems retrieving further records from the result on the InterbaseServer-machine?

Thanks in advance

Best regards

p.S. My IB-version: WI-V6.0.0.627