Subject 5.6 Child Tables
Author Bill Morrison
Greetings All,

I have a strange situation with IB 5.6. I have a standard parent-child table
structure, with the child having the appropriate constraints, and deletions
occuring in the parents before delete trigger (I've also tried having it in
the child's constraint).

My application, after adding about 100,000 records to the parent table and
perhaps 20,000 records to the child gets to a point that for every record it
adds to the parent, it deletes the first parent entry.

This works fine, however after a certain amount of time doing this operation
the st_contains table starts corrupting itself, apparently not deleting
records. Attempts to access the first record of the table will freeze the
server, and also lock the OAT on the server up upon restart. Doing a simple
select count(*) from childtable will also do the same.

Database verification will fail. A backup/restore will occasionally work.
However, IMHO this shouldn't be happening at all.

If anyone has any ideas on how to prevent this, or a remedy to the problem
I'd appreciate hearing it.


Bill Morrison