Subject Re: [ib-support] 5.6 Child Tables
Author Paul Reeves
Bill Morrison wrote:
> This works fine, however after a certain amount of time doing this operation
> the st_contains table starts corrupting itself, apparently not deleting

Which is st_contains - parent or child?

> records. Attempts to access the first record of the table will freeze the
> server, and also lock the OAT on the server up upon restart. Doing a simple
> select count(*) from childtable will also do the same.

I would guess that you are killing InterBase as soon as it appears to
'freeze'. Have you tried just letting it run? Without more information I
cannot be sure, but I first hunch would be that InterBase is just trying to
expunge deleted records. This might be taking some time.

Can you, next time it freezes, do a gstat -h on the table, and post the result
to the list?


Paul Reeves
taking InterBase further