Subject Firebird Database File was: Re: Best Version
Author Leyne, Sean

Given that I don't know of anyone with an available/free multi-tera disk
array, I can't say for certain, but the architecture supports an overall
database size of at least 10 Terabytes.

There is a recorded example of a 980GB Interbase database, which was
stored using multiple files.

The changes, which Firebird has made, allow for a single database to be
up to 2^64-1 Bytes in size, the reality is that this maximum is larger
than most OS's really support (Win2000, for example, only supports a
single volume (and thus a single file) size of 16,384GB).

Thus, the 980Gb could no be managed as a single DB file.

In reality, however, the true maximum size of a database file is not
really related to any disk I/O based limitation but to the
implementation of the OS and on the internal organization of the tables
contained herein and on the current implementation of the engine
construction of the rdb$key value. Suffice it to say, however, that one
has ever run into this limitation.