Subject identifying where an IB script fails
Author Mark Meyer
hi everyone..

i am new to interbase and new to this list.


what is the best way to identify where and why an IB script failed when
running it inside of either ISQL or WISQL.


i have written a delphi utility that produces a VERY LARGE interbase script
(several thousand lines). the purpose of the script is to perform mass
updates/deletes/inserts to an IB schema based on a daily oracle .dmp file
that we receive from a vendor.

the intent is to produce the script each day and submit it to either ISQL or
WISQL. i also want to bullet-proof this so that operations can perform this

since the script is so large i need a way of identifying the exact point at
which the script fails - if and when it does fail.

thx for any help
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