Subject Re: identifying where an IB script fails
Author Aage Johansen
Mark Meyer wrote:
> Question:
> what is the best way to identify where and why an IB script failed when
> running it inside of either ISQL or WISQL.
> ...

You could try IB_SQL (from maybe the error reporting is
Otherwise, you could make a small application with IBO's script component
(if you are using Delphi or BCB).

Here is something from the help on TIB_Script:
This component allows multiple consecutive DML, DDL, etc. statements to be
executed sequentially. This is very useful for creating database files or
for performing batch updates.
During the process of execution if the API returns an error code the
OnError event gives an opportunity to override or handle it and determine
if execution of the Script should continue or not. To examine the statement
that caused the error check the CurrentSQL property.
It is also possible to provide custom handling per each individual
statement that will be processed. Use the OnStatement event for this.

Aage J.

cc: Mark Meyer