Subject IB performance: IB 6.01SS beats Oracle 8i ( 8.1.7 )
Author C R Zamana

I'm sending this message just to say that IB ( 6.0-1, SS )
was faster than Oracle 8i ( 8.1.7 ) while making the same task.

As I wrote in other e-mail's, we have developed an RDD
( more or less the equivalent to ODBC, but for xBase based
languages, like FlagShip - ) that work with
CA-Ingres, Interbase and Oracle.

Well, one application, originally designed to work with
DBF, was ported to work with our RDD, with as few changes as

Over 20,200 records was processed ( selects and inserts ):
while Oracle tooks about 20 minutes to do the job, Interbase tooks
17 minutes. Everything in the same server, within same conditions.

Very good, han?

Best regards.

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