Subject Re: [ib-support] [] or ""
Author Woody
From: <lester@...>
> I don't remember seeing [xxxx] in the Access databases I
> have moved to Interbase in the past few years.

I converted from Access to Interbase earlier this year and had to go through
all my queries that used the brackets. Some of the legacy stuff did have
spaces in the names but I started putting brackets into everything just to
be safe. Especially when building queries on the fly as you never know when
the field name has a special character of space in it.

> The idea of using [xxxx] seems sensible, but I still use
> upper case strings and 'underscore' for all Table and Field
> names, so I have not bothered with "" in any case.

I don't use all uppercase but I do use the underscore a lot. It tends to
break up the longer names into more readable ones. I don't use quotes around
names either since moving to IB.

> I prefer discussion to dictatorship hence the reference to
> Mucrosoft. They are now dictating that I should have THEIR
> design tools with my MSDN subscription, but I hove found the
> HOLE. I can keep the OS only version I just have to ask, and
> the subscription could even be lower this year - but the
> renewal they sent through does not mention THAT option.

I think MS is making a big mistake in it's new licensing policy, too, but on
the other hand, it is a practice that has been used by more and more vendors
over that past several years. The first time I ran into this type of strict
licensing was when I had to re-install a machine at a law firm. I had to
call one software maker for a new code every time the software was
installed, even when re-intalling because it changed each time.The new
registration code was based on a random code generated when the software is
installed. You have to call with this code and they give you a new
registration number to input. A real pain in the arse for an IS department
when you are regularly re-installing machines around an office environment.