Subject Re: [ib-support] [] or ""
> MS Access has used the square brackets for as long as I can remember to
> enclose field names. The SQL-92 standard is using quotes, but I think it is
> fair to point out that using quotes means "take this name literally,
> including case sensitivity" whereas using brackets just means take the name
> in it's entirety. Ask anyone who has inadvertently used quotations to create
> field and table names and then tried to access them without using the
> quotes. How many posts have you seen about this? I've seen quite a few of
> them.

I don't remember seeing [xxxx] in the Access databases I
have moved to Interbase in the past few years.

The idea of using [xxxx] seems sensible, but I still use
upper case strings and 'underscore' for all Table and Field
names, so I have not bothered with "" in any case.

I suppose the reason I asked the question was as much to see
what others thought as to establish whether it was a pending
change I was unaware of.

I prefer discussion to dictatorship hence the reference to
Mucrosoft. They are now dictating that I should have THEIR
design tools with my MSDN subscription, but I hove found the
HOLE. I can keep the OS only version I just have to ask, and
the subscription could even be lower this year - but the
renewal they sent through does not mention THAT option.

Lester Caine
L.S.Caine Electronic Services