Subject Re: [ib-support] [] or ""
Author Woody
From: <lester@...>
> I have just been dumped with a load of Mucrosoft Developer
> Network stuff including the XP releases, and on looking
> through the notes, I found some interesting comments on the
> 'SQL Standards' for table and field names.
> Mucrosoft seem to be suggesting that using [] around table
> and field names is the correct way of hadling names with
> spaces.
> Is this just another 'Mucrosoft Standard' or have I missed
> something on the standards front?

Calling them Mucrosoft is a clear indication that no matter what they say or
do, you won't be satisfied. However, that's not the point and I don't want
to start yet another MS discussion.

MS Access has used the square brackets for as long as I can remember to
enclose field names. The SQL-92 standard is using quotes, but I think it is
fair to point out that using quotes means "take this name literally,
including case sensitivity" whereas using brackets just means take the name
in it's entirety. Ask anyone who has inadvertently used quotations to create
field and table names and then tried to access them without using the
quotes. How many posts have you seen about this? I've seen quite a few of

Myself, I have no preference and could live with either one. Personally, I
don't think spaces should be allowed in table and field names but other
characters would be good such as hash marks, etc. to denote special fields.
Since I left C a long time ago, case sensitive names don't appeal to me
anymore so I think that quotes around a field name should only signify the
name may have special characters, not that I want case sensitivity. Maybe
I'm alone in that, but I've been there before too. :)