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Author Helen Borrie
At 03:11 PM 19-10-01 +0100, you wrote:
>I have just been dumped with a load of Mucrosoft Developer
>Network stuff including the XP releases, and on looking
>through the notes, I found some interesting comments on the
>'SQL Standards' for table and field names.
>Mucrosoft seem to be suggesting that using [] around table
>and field names is the correct way of hadling names with
>Is this just another 'Mucrosoft Standard' or have I missed
>something on the standards front?

According to my book about the SQL-92 standard "Understanding the New SQL", Melton and Simon):

"However, the designers of SQL-92 recognized that not all requirements were met by regular identifiers. C and Unix(R) programmers are more comfortable with case-sensitive identifiers, COBOL programmers are used to using hyphens in their identifiers, and there is a fairly large demand for the ability to use special characters (like spaces, number signs or hash marks, and so forth) in identifiers. The solution is something called <i>a delimited identifier</i>. Delimited identifiers are strings of characters that appear inside double quotation marks. For example, "titles" is a delimited identifier and is different from TITLES or "TITLES".

[end quote]

Yep, looks like another M$ idiosyncrasy to add to your collection.


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