Subject Re: [ib-support] IB Performance
Author Paul Schmidt
On 19 Oct 2001, at 8:24, rod@... wrote:

> Will IB 6 server work just as well on win2000 professional as opposed
> to using win2000 server ?

I think that Microsoft SQL$erver is the only engine that actually
checks to make sure your using the $erver version. At least it did
at one time, it may not even bother now.

The difference between NT server and NT professional was a
bitmap, a few registry settings, and the licence certificate. I don't
know the registry settings that are different, if I did, I wouldn't tell
anyone anyways -- so don't ask. W2K may be the same, I don't
use it, around here the workstations use Win9x/ME and the
servers run Linux and NetWare.

You have to be careful though, W2KPro has a limited number of
legal network connections, I don't know what happens if you
exceed that number, it may crash, it may tell you to get lost, it
may phone home to Microsoft and rat on you, it may do nothing. If
you need more then the connections in your licence, then either
use the Server version, or use another O/S (Linux is cheap, has
unlimited connections, and works quite well with Firebird).


Paul Schmidt
Tricat Technologies