Subject Re: [ib-support] Product announcements
Author Paul Schmidt
On 19 Oct 2001, at 14:54, Helen Borrie wrote:


Good idea, in a group where the moderator doesn't have to qualify
every message, it's a good idea to nip this kind of thing in the bud,
so way to go mistress moderator.

BTW how does one join the ibdi list? Is it on Yahoo groups, or is it


> Hi all,
> This is a firm request to all product developers.
> Please refrain from spamming your announcements across all of our
> lists. I am getting a lot of complaints about this inconsiderate
> habit that has crept in.
> In future, please use ONLY the ibdi list for such announcements and
> provide a link inside your message for responses regarding your
> product.
> Thank you for your future cooperation.
> Helen
> (Chief Spanker)

Paul Schmidt
Tricat Technologies