Subject Re: [ib-support] firebird/IB and jreport. the same with non screen shots....
Author Paul Poulain
At 11:48 17/10/01 +0200, you wrote:
>I try to use firebird with the jreport tool (java report builder).
>I can't configure the jdbc connexion. Can someone help ?
>I've installed jdbc20001jre12 jdbc driver from borland. I've jbuilder5
>installed on my computer.
>InterClient is launched.
>With the tool provided with the driver (CommDiag.html), it works fine. the
>connexion is OK :
>Test connection closed.
>***** NO Installation problems detected! *****
>But with jreport, I get nothing...

I entered the following parameters :
JDBC driver : interbase.interclient.Driver
JDBC URL : jdbc:interbase://localhost/isildur:/u/interbase/data/test.gdb
User Name : SYSDBA
Password : mypass

>When I click OK with this configuration ... nothing happends : sandglass
>for 5 seconds, and that's all ;-(. The Catalog Browser becomes unaviable
>(no answers to mouse clicks).
>I tryied with ODBC-JDBC bridge, and have no problems.
>Can someone help me ?
>Note: I tried jdbc:interbase://isildur:/u/interbase/data/test.gdb as URL
>with the
>same behaviour