Subject FB 1.0 Problem
Author Paul Schmidt
Dear List:

Two things I found as problems with FB Beta2

1) IBConsole explodes on startup with the following:
EOSError in Module IBCONSOLE.EXE AT 0000F781
System Error Code 127
The specified procedure could not be found.

This occured with the Windows client the machine is running

2) On the Linux server I get an error on startup, from the
interbase.log file:

lnxsrvr (Client) Tue Oct 16 09:57:45 2001
INET/inet_error: connect errno = 111

lnxsrvr (Client) Tue Oct 16 09:57:45 2001
/opt/interbase/bin/ibguard: guardian starting bin/ibserver

lnxsrvr (Server) Tue Oct 16 09:57:48 2001
SERVER/process_packet: connection rejected for root

(the above message repeats 29 times!!!!)

however if I do a ps -A both ibguard and ibserver are running.

This is the superserver, and it's running on RedHat 6.1

I fixed this once before, when I installed FB 0.9.4 but I forget how.

Does anyone know a solution for either of these problems?


Paul Schmidt
Tricat Technologies