Subject Re: [ib-support] YAB ? (Yet Another Bug)
Author Paul Schmidt
On 16 Oct 2001, at 0:20, Claudio Valderrama C. wrote:

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> > I looked at Builder a couple of versions ago, and I was not
> > impressed, it also needed a lot more resources, VC++ still runs on
> > some pretty anemic hardware, where as Builder doesn't. I need to
> > also watch for my clients hardware, the Builder runtime libraries
> > are bigger, so a client with low-end hardware may run into trouble
> > on some of the lowest-end machines.
> Well, this is no secret, I think. If not for the quick GUI development
> thanks to the VCL adapted to BCB (or better said, C++ twisted to
> support Boland-Pascal extensions), MSVC would beat BCB in all aspects
> 1000 times. Just look at the debugger. How many watchers and the like
> can you have with MSVC without any performance drain when debugging? I
> have a lot of while I debug Firebird. No pain. Now, try to do the same
> in BCB... nobody will wait 10 seconds for the next step to execute.

I can't be sure of performance on my own machine, since I only got
it Friday (spent much of the weekend loading software) I moved
from a circa 1994 Packard-Bell to an new IBM Ispirati (I tend to
stick to name brand machines for business use -- got a really good
deal from an IBM Warehouse Outlet).

> Now, returning to IB/FB, your experience caught my attention. How do
> you use FB with MSVC? Do you use MFC classes to wrap ADO or OLE/DB
> functionality?

There are three MS technologies, ODBC which isn't really serviced
well, I see that FB 1.0 comes with an Intersolv ODBC driver, but it's
over two years old, so it's probably a 5.6 driver.

ADO or really DAO is the anti-thesis of client/server, the idea
behind it, is to do a SELECT * on all the tables, and then hand it to
a local Access (Jet) engine, we can all guess what happens
performance wise when you do this. 150% network saturation.

OLE/DB I could only find one driver, and the vendor wanted $50 per
seat, so I passed on it, plus you have to use the ATL wizard to set
up an application, and it bypasses most of the good parts of the

There are also two outside technologies, SQLApi (
and IBPP ( Right now I am
using IBPP, at least until I find problems with it, but since I have
the source code, I can simply bend it to do what I want.


Paul Schmidt
Tricat Technologies