Subject Access Violation 'USER32.dll' extended info
Author Solon Edmunds
Thanks Helen and Pablo for your speedy follow-up ~ very much

The system is

Windows 2000 Pro, SP1
Interbase 6.01 (not Firebird) ~ I haven’t gone to firebird as IB had
been working without a hitch and I want to keep the architecture as set
as possible
IBX 4.62 Delphi 5 Update 1

As stated earlier the problem appears only after the server has been up
for a number of days, so I am guessing it is to do either with (1)
interbase connections being orphaned somehow and ib running out of
connections, or (2) memory leaks. Adding more RAM to the server
increased the amount of time before the problems appear.

On the system I run tcp servers build around indy 8.006B – they open a
new db connection to interbase whenever they need to perform an action,
and then they close the connection when finished ~ but they are not
perfect, as described in the next paragraph ~ they have a couple of
problems and I am wondering if they don’t always return the Interbase
connection they might be causing IB to run out of connections. What was
the limit on open connections on Win2000/NT again (I remember some of
the talks regarding this on IB-Architect).

An issue which may be related is the problems in the tcp servers –
sometimes (and it seems to be when Interbase is having the problems
described above) these apps don’t shutdown when I click the close
button/AltF4 .. they disappear from the taskbar but remain in the task
manager process list, and even worse they block a reboot from occurring
until I manually terminate every process that has done this .. if anyone
can explain this I will be even more grateful (and feel the beginnings
of relief, as you can imagine!)

If there is any more information I can provide to help clarify the
situation, I’ll be only too happy to do so :-) (as you can imagine!)

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